Legacy or Liability: What Will your Mark Be

November 29, 2017

Pastor Corey Tabor shared this message as his first official message as a member of Greater Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Austin, Texas. This message speaks to the impact we will leave on the places we travel in life. We will either leave a legacy where we have added value and made place better than it was before or a liability where we have taken and not given back. Seek to be a person who leaves a legacy and be a liabliity. Let us know what you think of the message by emailing us at info@befull.org. To gain more from Pastor Corey Tabor go to www.coreytabor.com or his current church Full Life Community Church go to www.befull.org 


Black Lives Matter in the Womb

March 8, 2016

Full Life Community Church Founder and Lead Pastor Corey Tabor preaches about the impact of abortion on the black community in a sermon entitled, "Black Lives Matter in the Womb." To read more about his journey in understanding abortion, read his blog at Black Lives Matter in the Womb: My Journey to Understanding Abortion. 

The Application from this message is to:
  1. Get informed - learn the facts
  2. Get impacted - move from statistics to stories
  3. Get invested - realize that this issue matters
  4. Get involved - do something to make a difference

The Kingdom of God in Your Personal Life

November 17, 2015

Lead Pastor Corey Tabor begins a new series entitled, "Your Kingdom Come" where we focus on God's kingdom in various areas of our lives. Week one we are focusing on the Kingdom of God in Your Personal Life.  


Parenting God’s Way

November 17, 2015

Pastor Ed Johnson III of Dallas, Texas share principles that will help parents choose to parent God's Way.


Revealing the Kingdom - Pastor Corey Tabor

October 8, 2015

Pastor Corey Tabor concludes the Revealing the Kingdom Series by preaching from Mark 8:27-9:1 focusing on Jesus call to discipleship. The kingdom was revealed in three phases: 

  1. The Confession - Mark 8:27-30
  2. The Confusion - Mark 8:31-33
  3. The Cross - Mark 8:34-9:1
You will be challenged though this message to move from the typical definition of being a Christian to actually being what Jesus commanded us to be DISCIPLES.

We are Family - Pastor Corey Tabor (4th Church Anniversary)

September 13, 2015

Full Life Community Church is celebrating it's 4th Church Anniversary. Pastor Corey Tabor preaches a message entitled, "We are Family" highlighting what it means to be a part of the Full Life Family. Key passages include: Mark 3:31-35 and Deuteronomy 30:15-17. At Full Life Community Church our family bumper sticker that speaks to our family values is, "We Choose Life!". To choose life we must choose:

1. Covenant over Convenience
2. Community over Individuality
3. Confession over Self-Protection
4. Consecration over Manipulation
Listen to learn how these choices will help us to leave a family legacy that is lasting.

The Fighting Finisher - Pastor Corey Tabor

September 11, 2015

On April 4, 2015 just minutes before Easter Sunday, Pastor Corey Tabor's mother, Carrie Hazel Tabor passed away in Abilene, Texas. Having raised her sons to be men of faith and having partnered with her husband for over 40 years in ministry her request was for her husband and sons to preach her at her funeral. This podcast is the message Pastor Corey Tabor preached prior to his brother and father preaching at her funeral on April 11, 2015. We pray this message encourages all who have lost a love one to continue fighting to fulfill their purpose in life. 


Keys to the Kingdom - Faith vs. Fear - Pastor Corey Tabor

September 8, 2015

Lead Pastor Corey Tabor shares about the keys to the kingdom and how to overcome fear with faith in this sermon focused on Mark 4:35-5:20.


The King is Willing - Teaching Pastor Michelle Verrill

September 8, 2015

Pastor Michelle Verrill shares about the willingness of Jesus as King to meet us where we are from Mark 1:40-2:12. 


The Authority of the King - Pastor Corey Tabor

September 8, 2015

Pastor Corey Tabor shares about the Authority Christ in his Kingdom from Mark 1:14-39